Facebook Takes a Step Forward for Digital Afterlife


Kristina L. M. Wildman

Kristina L. M. Wildman

Late last week Facebook released several new features that will aid in the management of a user’s account after the user’s death. While there has been little notification of these features on Facebook itself, the new features have been widely publicized in mainstream media. The new features allow a user to make decisions regarding how the account will be managed after their death. As with many of the options for maintaining or cleaning up your online presence after your death, Facebook users must take steps during their lifetime in order to take advantage of these new features. Continue reading

Social Media Policies Revisited: The Facebook “Like” As Protected Activity


Mechelle Zarou

The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) continues to expand its reach beyond its traditional role involving unionized workforces. In particular, the NLRB has continued an aggressive campaign begun in 2011 to crackdown on all employer policies governing social media, electronic forums where more and more frequently employees are engaging in informal collective activity regarding their terms and conditions of employment. Continue reading


Social Media and Digital Assets in M&A Transactions

Regina M. Joseph

Regina M. Joseph

Wait! Don’t skip these articles thinking that social media doesn’t affect you. Social media has invaded our lives, with only a Rip Van Winkle being immune (maybe). Some may scoff and others may cringe. The well initiated may laugh that the social media landscape,  Continue reading